Moffat Youth Theatre

If you’re looking to develop your performance skills, have fun and make friends, Moffat Youth Theatre is the perfect place to flex your creative muscles! Classes run on Saturdays at the Studio Theatre for young people of school age. If you have any questions about joining, just email us.


Workshops are charged by the term and cost the equivalent of £4 to £6 per session. Please note that we no longer accept weekly payments.

Want to join?

Just ask your parent or carer to email us at or text us on the Studio Theatre Hotline on 07511 488 885 with their name and email address and we will contact them to confirm your registration.

Spring Term: Dates & Times


12th Jan to 16th Feb (6 weeks)

5 to 7s


£28 for the term (7 sessions)

8 to 11s


£35 for the term (7 sessions)



£42 for the term (7 sessions)

FAQs for Parents & Carers

Who runs the workshops?

The workshops are run by Ellie Crabb, a young, award-winning Community Theatre practitioner from Edinburgh. She is supported by Trustees and adult and student volunteers.

Ellie has lots of experience working with Youth and Community Theatres. Coming from a rural area, she knows how hard it can be to access drama and performance activities for young people in areas like ours and she’s on a mission to make some exciting things happen in Moffat!

We’re really excited to be working with her.

Can my child join a younger/older class to be with their friends?

Absolutely! The age ranges are just a guideline – if your child is worried about being in a group with no one they know, just sign them up for the workshop they want to join.

What should my child wear?

Make sure your child wears clothes that they feel comfortable in and that make it easy to move.

To keep the floor in good condition we work in bare feet but if your child needs to wear socks, they can wear ‘grippy’ socks. Flat indoor shoes (no buckles) are also an option.

How can I pay?

We prefer payment by Paypal or bank transfer – we’ll send you details of these when you register for the sessions. We also currently accept cash and cheques.

We understand that some families may find it difficult to afford the full cost of the workshops, so if you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact us and we’ll do our best to find a solution.

My child can't make a session. What do I do?

While your child will get the most out of Moffat Youth Theatre if they come to every session, we understand that sometimes people can’t make it. It makes it easier to plan if you can let us know as far in advance as possible if they can’t come. Please just drop us a text on the youth theatre mobile – 07511 438 885 – if they can’t make a session.

If participants don’t turn up at a session and we are expecting them, it is part of our policy to text their responsible adult to double check whether they are supposed to be at the theatre.