Drama Queens

It’s so rewarding to see young people grow in self-esteem and creativity when they attend our drama workshops.

But tapping into our creativity, finding our voice, getting to know our stories – these are important for adults too. And since we relaunched Moffat Youth Theatre a year ago, we’ve wanted to offer drama workshops for women to help them do just that.

That’s why we’re developing Drama Queens – a series of fun and creative drama workshops for women of all ages.

There’s no performance, no pressure; we’ll be creating a safe and supportive environment where you can (re)connect with your imagination and creativity using some of the fun, physical and imaginative exercises we use in our Saturday sessions.

We’d love you to join us!

If you’re reading this and feeling totally terrified but also a little bit excited, if you’re thinking to yourself ‘I couldn’t do that!’…you can! Read our blog post to find out why these sessions are just what you need right now.

Want to hear more?

Just email us at hello@thestudiotheatre.co.uk or text us on the Studio Theatre Hotline on 07511 488 885 with your name and email address and we will contact you to confirm your registration and send full details.


I like the sound of this, but I'm not very confident. Should I join up?

Yes! You’re exactly the sort of person we hope to attract to Drama Queens.

We’ll go at a pace that suits the group and you’ll set your own ground rules before we start so you won’t do anything that doesn’t fit with those guidelines.

We’ll make sure that the group operates in a safe space so you can try things out and build your confidence step by step. But mostly, it’s just going to be a lot of fun, so come prepared for laughter!

Check out our values if you’d like to get a feel of how we’ll approach our workshops!

Who run the sessions?

The workshops are led by Cat Major and Jane Gray.

Cat has a background in Community Theatre, facilitation and creativity. Jane has a background in personal and community development and workshop facilitation.

Cat and Jane are both excited by the power of women’s stories and what happens when individuals grow in confidence. They’ve been wanting to run these workshops – well, forever – and are keen to see what happens when women explore their power in a safe and supportive environment.